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According to several studies, the majority of women, up to 90%, are wearing the wrong bra size. Usually the back size is too large and the cup size is too small. Women often wear the wrong size, as they are not sure how the bra should look and feel.

This advice provided in these videos are designed to help you find the right size so that you feel comfortable and well supported.

It is worth noting that one style of bra may be perfect for one woman and totally wrong for another, even if they are the same size. Different styles should be tried to find the most suitable one.

Wearing the wrong bra size can cause many problems including:

  • Neck ache
  • Shoulder ache
  • Back ache
  • Skin irritation caused by straps digging in
  • Irreversible damage to ligaments can cause breast pain and sagging
  • Wires can stick into the breast tissue, causing unnecessary pressure and discomfort.

Wearing the right size bra will:

  • Be comfortable
  • Be supportive
  • Lift the bust revealing the waist to give a slimmer appearance
  • Fill the woman with confidence
  • Create a better posture and a smooth silhouette under clothing.
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